Virtual Dental Home

View Mobile Dental is making an impact in the community by working with members of the Dental Team via telehealth technology to provide care for those who experience transportation barriers to oral health care. View Mobile Dental have identified the use of quality and cost-effective technology solutions as a strategy for providing oral health services to those who experience difficulties in accessing dental care.

What is Telehealth Medicine / Teledentistry?

A Dental Practice where specially trained Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Function (RDAEF), Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH), Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice (RDHAP) collects electronic dental records such as radiographs, photographs, charts of dental findings, dental and medical histories with portable imaging equipment and Internet-based dental record system (Store-and-Forward Telehealth). 

Dental information are uploaded to a secure Internet website  where the supervising dentist reviews and establishes a diagnosis and treatment plan for the hygienist or assistant to carry out. Patients who need care that is more complex will be treated by a Dentist.



View Mobile Dental

* A Telehealth-Connected Dental Practice

* Your Virtual Dental Home

Extend Dental Care to the underserved, homebound, and senior population.




We invite you to visit our Dental Office. Your Virtual Dental Home.

View Mobile Dental your Virtual Dental Home where dentist utilize teledentistry by connecting electronically to specially trained allied dental team members to deliver dental care.

Telehealth Medicine that is delivered safely and effectively by providing diagnostics, preventative, and early intervention services in community-based site ( e.g., schools, Head Start site and nursing homes ).  Dental teams are connected to an off-site location using teledentistry.


Virtual Dental Home

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